Did Sexy Jen Selter Fall Into Colin Kaepernick’s “#ThirstTrap”? (@Kaepernick7 @JenSelter)

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his teammates were recently out in Miami practicing for the upcoming 2014 NFL season, and while on the field, he and his boys decided to set up some “thirst traps” for the ladies.  Colin and his team posed shirtless for Instagram pictures and captioned each of the photos with #ThirstTrapThursday or #TTT.  

As you would imagine, his pictures acquired loads of likes and “thirsty” comments from his vast female following.  Among those who fell into the trap, was none other than the gorgeous woman humbly known as “The Best Butt on Instagram,” Jen Selter.  While she didn’t post anything remotely thirsty like the many other girls who were left sweating and drooling over his pictures, she did leave an Emoji image of a flexed arm in the comments section of the picture to let him know that she’s got her eye on his toned physique.  

The Instagram user who commented after her poked fun at her noticing Colin’s thirst trap by stating, “Jen Selter wants it.”

Maybe their movement will start a trend, though it’s doubtful that non-celebrities will be as successful setting up these kinds of thirst traps.

Check out the #TTT pics from Colin Kaepernick and The 49ers, along with Jen Selter and many other fan reactions above.  Be careful not to fall into the traps.

Source: bossip.com

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