“Blind Side” Actor Kicked Off Plane for Being Too Big (@quintonaaron)

Quinton Aaron, famous for portraying Michael Oher in “The Blind Side,” was asked to leave a Rochester bound plane after the neighboring passenger couldn’t fit into his seat because of the actor’s size. At 6’8″ and 500 pounds, Quinton typically buys two seats, but there was only one left on the flight. 

Once his neighbor arrived, he couldn’t wedge himself into the seat, and Quinton tried to hash the situation out with the flight attendant to no avail. She politely asked him to leave and reschedule another flight where he could purchase two seats. 

Speaking to TMZ, Quinton said, “I definitely need two seats … It worked out for the better … my knees weren’t pushed into the back of the metal on someone else’s seat.”

Source: tmz.com

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